Who We Are?

Our Objective

We believe in the importance of education in our community.

KITA ANAK MALAYSIA CLUB is here to help you to rebuild and assist when you need it the most, especially during COVID-19 pandemics.


Our Mission

Our mission of fostering students through mentoring and education.

To help students obtain the confidence to face the SPM Exam.

Our Vision

We aim to give every student the support they need to thrive as successful individuals.

By creating a road map for students in obtaining SPM accreditation.

Ms Mona Project Director

Ms Mourhrna Reddy

Program Director

A Word from Our Director

Nation building is only feasible when primary investments are directed at educational support.

Equipped with tools to rise above poverty, gender inequality and monopolistic economic market. Education is also the greatest weapon to foster unity in a multicultural nation, like Malaysia.

KITA ANAK MALAYSIA is committed in coaching and assisting students, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to give every student the support they need to thrive as successful individuals with global competence.